How to create lattice beams with thickness based on length


This custom block creates thickened lattice beams based on individual line segment's lengths. 

Applies to:

  • Lattices


This article uses a Custom Block to create our desired outcome. If you are new to using Custom Blocks, learn how to import, modify, and update them with the following resources:

1. Create a lattice structure to use for the Custom Block. Keep in mind that if the lattice beams are all equal length, the custom block will effectively produce the same results as a regular lattice block. 



2. Extract the Line Segment list from the lattice's properties and insert it into the CB. It is recommended that you set the CB's Multiplication Factor of Length before inserting the Line Segment list. 



3. That's it! The resulting implicit body will have line segments with applied thickness based on each segment's length! Note: This block takes a considerable amount of time to run as it needs to do calculations for each individual beam.



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