Exporting INP files from the FE Robust Tetrahedral Mesh block causes a crash.


nTop unexpectedly exits immediately after exporting an INP by right-clicking the Robust Tetrahedral Mesh block and selecting Export. However, the operation is successful, and the INP file exports.

Applies to:

  • nTop 2.23.7
  • INP
  • Abaqus FEA
  • Export FE Mesh


We are expecting a fix for this defect with a future version of nTop. As a workaround, using the Export FE Mesh block will enable INP export without issues.


 mesh export crash fe abaqus inp 
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  • Hi all,

    Shall I know how I can export a whole lattice ( after patterning a unit cell) like Gyroid and TPMS from the nTop to Abaqus?


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