Why won't my block accept an input? - Invalid Input Type


My block won't accept an input block, even though it is the correct type.

Applies to:

Any workflow that can create a List


The most likely issue is that a List was created somewhere in your workflow and you are trying to insert a List into a List. nTop doesn't allow this, which would cause the block input not to be accepted. 


Scroll through your Notebook to see where the List began. You can tell something is a List because it will show the block type name with a (#) behind it. If you weren't expecting a List, it most likely will show (1).

There are several options on how to get rid of a List:

1. Use a Block to get rid of the List by joining bodies together

    • If your List is Mesh, use Merge Meshes
    • If your List is an Implicit, use Boolean Union
    • If your List is CAD, use Stitch Adjacent CAD Faces (only works if Adjacent). If you use Stitch CAD Surface Bodies, you may end up with a List of 1. 

2. Open up the Properties of the List block and select the Chip at the bottom, of the same type, with [0] behind its name. Drag this Chip into the Notebook or directly into an input.


Depending on how far your workflow went, you may run into an 'Invalid Type Error' after getting rid of the List. This is because the following blocks have been automatically converted to accept a list. They will have a small list symbol over the block icon. To change the type, click on the icon and choose the regular type name from the drop-down. For example, a Remesh Surface List will say Mesh. The blocks may also automatically change depending on their input. 



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