How to extract and join mesh faces from a mesh


Learn how to select/extract mesh faces from a larger mesh body (surface or solid). 

Applies to:

  • Lattices,
  • Meshing techniques,
  • Lattice body from Quad mesh workflows


Sometimes extracting CAD faces and turning them into meshes doesn't give us the surface we need. In these situations, Filter Mesh by Flood Fill allows you to select certain faces from a mesh. It works like the Boundary selection block, Boundary by Flood fill, to choose mesh faces. This can be useful to create a continuous mesh to create a lattice from (ex. using Lattice Body from Quad Mesh). 

1. Convert your part to a mesh or start with a mesh

2. Add a Filter Mesh by Flood fill block

    • Insert your mesh into the mesh input
    • Move the origin near the surface you want to extract
    • Set the angle for selection and an optional direction



And that’s it! You’ve successfully selected mesh faces from a mesh

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Download the Example file:

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