How to visualize overhang regions


How to visualize overhang regions

Applies to: 

  • Build Preparation
  • Additive Manufacturing Preparation


This article uses a Custom Block to create our desired outcome. If you are new to using Custom Blocks, learn how to import, modify, and update them with the following resources:

In this example, we use a part that has been oriented using the Minimum Support Orientations block. You'll be able to learn more about the block here

1. We open the nTop file, in which we have oriented the part in the minimum support direction. 

2. Add the Overhang Surface Plot (How to create a custom block) block to the workflow

The custom block will show the locations of the overhang on a part based on the input overhang angle and direction.

There are only three inputs to this block:

  • Body: Body to check for overhang
  • Overhang angle: Overhang angle to check
  • Direction: Direction of build

Tip: I recommend switching the Color transition to Banded with two colors. It helps visualize better.

And that's it! You have successfully visualized overhang regions.

Now that you have identified the regions, you can proceed with support generation (How to generate bar supports under a part)

Example file:

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