When I select a face to convert to an implicit, it doesn't create an implicit body


I selected a face of my part, but when I convert it to an implicit, it doesn't create an Implicit Body. Why won't it convert to an Implicit?

Applies to:

  • CAD Bodies and faces
  • Mesh Bodies and faces
  • nTop 2.29 +


We've updated the program recently, so when you select just the surface of a part and right-click, the option is now: "Convert CAD Face to Implicit Body". The jagged edges you see when you convert your part is a thin Implicit body. Implicits don't show up very well without a thickness to them, which is why it looks like an error. 



Instead of just selecting the face, you need to select the entire body you want to convert. 

To create an Implicit body from an imported part:

    • Double click on your body (this selects the entire body)
    • Right-click and choose "Convert CAD Body to Implicit Body"

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