Why does my ribbed lattice have extra ribs?


I created a ribbed lattice, but it added extra extrusions that are either flipped, intersecting, or reach beyond the part. How do I get rid of this?

Applies to:

  • Lattices


This can occur when you use an Implicit body as the Direction of the Ribbed Lattice block. 



To fix this, use the field direction of the surface instead of the body

If you started from a CAD Body: 

    • Convert just the outer CAD surface into an Implicit Body
    • Use this part as the Direction

If you started from a Mesh or Implicit Body

    • Convert the part to a mesh (if starting from CAD)
    • Use the Filter Mesh by Flood fill block and select the outer surface
    • Convert the outer surface into an Implicit body
    • Use this part as the Direction


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