How to install nTop Plugin for EOSPRINT


How to install nTop Plugin for EOSPRINT

Applies to:

  • nTop Plugin for EOSPrint
  • EOSPRINT 2.14
  • Implicit Interop


Before we start the installation process, ensure that you have requested access to the Plugin from the nTop Support team and have installed the EOSPRINT 2.14 version.

1. Go to nTop Dashboard (

2. Click on the Add-Ons Tab on the ribbon on the left side.

2. Download the Installer (*.msi) and the License file (*.lic) by clicking the buttons below the nTop Plugin for the EOSPRINT card.


4. Execute the nTopPluginForEOSPRINT-0.X.X.X.msi file for the Plugin.

5. Follow the instructions on the Installation screen and install the plug in the same place as the EOSPRINT.

Installer.png Destination_Folder.png


6. Once the installation has finished, navigate to the folder where you have installed the EOSPRINT plugin. (C:\Program Files\EOS\EOSPRINT 2\2_14\plugins\ntop)

7. Copy and paste the license file you downloaded from Step 3 into this folder where you have installed the plugin (C:\Program Files\EOS\EOSPRINT 2\2_14\plugins\ntop).

8. Open EOSPRINT to verify that you have installed the plugin correctly. Click Import Part on the left ribbon to see if you can import the *.implicit file.


Now, You can open nTop, export your implicit body using the Export Implicit Body (Beta) block, and import them directly to your EOSPRINT software. 

That’s it. You have successfully installed the nTop Plugin for EOSPRINT.


Update added on August 7th, 2023

Note that we have updated the nTop Plugin for EOSPRINT (Beta) to Users can now adjust the slicing tolerance by adding ‘config.json’ (see below) in the plugin installation folder.

  "slice_feature_size": 0.00025

The feature size is in meters. The above would set the slicing tolerance to 0.25 mm.


Please contact support if you have any questions, and we will be happy to help.

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