How can Flexnet Org Admins add Users for nTop Learn and Support access?


The Org Admin role assigned to an individual at an organization allows them to invite people from within their organization to access the nTop Support and nTop Learn resources. This guide outlines the steps that the Org Admin can follow to enable that access.

What does your Org. Admin Role offer?

With the Org Admin. Role, you have the ability to:

When you are assigned the Org Admin role, you’ll receive an email invitation to create your account at Once your password is set, you can perform the actions outlined above. If you already have an account at, you’ll still receive an email notifying you of this role change with links to helpful onboarding material. 

The Org Admin Dashboard is integrated into your user dashboard. It’ll appear as another menu option, Organization, above the Help Center link. You’ll see an overview of your entire organization from the Organization menu. This includes the number of Users, Teams, and Licenses. Below the dashboard overview you can see the user-licensing table as shown in the screenshot below:

In the image above, you can see three tabs available to navigate through different 'Users', 'Licenses', and 'Floating'.

Adding Users

As an Org. Admin, you can invite new users to your organization. If there are users who already belong to your organization, they’ll automatically appear in the user-licensing table. You can add a new user to your organization by selecting the Add User button in the Users tab.

The Add User button will open a modal window that’ll require you to input the following information: 

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Team (optional)
  • License 

Once you add a user, you cannot change their email address. You can, however, change their Full Name, Team, and License. Below is an overview of the Add New User window: 

If you encounter any issues when adding a user to your organization, please get in touch with us at

Create Teams 

As an Org. Admin, you can create teams to organize the users in your organization. You can also edit and delete teams. 

To create a team, select the Manage Teams button in the Users tab of your Org Admin Dashboard. A modal window will appear, allowing you to add, edit, and delete teams. To add a team, type in the name of the team you’d like to create and select the +Add button. Select Save once you are done.

If you need to change the name of a team, select the Edit icon next to the applicable team. This will activate edit mode. Change the name of the target team and select Save. Below is an image of the Manage Teams window.


Select the Edit icon next to the applicable team to delete a team. Select the "red x" icon, and you will be prompted with a message that asks you to confirm the deletion. Deleting a team doesn’t delete users or licenses. If you need to delete a team, the users’ team will default to None. Hit cancel to exit this mode. Below is an image of the Manage Teams window when you select the "red x" icon.


To add a user to a team, select the Edit icon in the row of the user-licensing table. You can select a team from the Team drop-down menu from this modal window. Select Save when you are finished assigning a team.

All the Users you add to this tab will receive an email from us to welcome email from us to create an account which gives them access to nTop Learn and nTop Support.

Note that this doesn't affect the nTop software usage for users added to FNP and they would still log in to nTop using the Flexnet license server information as outlined in the article: Getting Started with FlexNet Floating.

You have successfully navigated the Org Admin dashboard to add users and assign them to Teams.

If you still have questions, our support team will be happy to assist you.

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