How to use List Inputs to iterate your designs


Learn how to use a List input to run a single block multiple times, creating a list of results.

Applies to:

  • List processing
  • Quick design iteration


If you search for blocks, you will sometimes see a "Block Name List" pop up. These can be used as an input into another block to run it multiple times. The block that ran will turn into a List block with a (#) behind the name. The (#) corresponds to how large the list is. 

Lists can be used in the input of custom blocks, so customized functions can be performed on multiple listed inputs at once.

Want to List Process and don't know where to start? 

    • Determine the input you want to iterate
    • Open up the info panel and find the input type
    • Search for that type of list in the Notebook search (ex. Scalar List, Point List, Vector List...)

In this example, we are creating multiple cylinders of different heights through one block. 

1. Add a Cylinder and set the Radius to 5 mm

2. Add a Point List block and hit the '+' to add 5 inputs

    • Set the inputs to be:
      • (0,0,5)
      • (0,0,10)
      • (0,0,15)
      • (0,0,20)
      • (0,0,25)

3. Input the Point List into the Point 2 input in the Cylinder block. The block now runs 5 times and shows (5) behind the block name. Only one cylinder will appear as all of the cylinders have the same origin.

4. Open up the Properties of the Cylinder block and scroll down to see all of the bodies in the List. To extract one, drag it into the Notebook.


Optional: Follow these steps to translate the parts to see them all at once

5. Add a Translate Object block

6. Add a Vector block. Set the X and Z inputs to 0 mm

7. Input a Sequence block into the Y-Input of the Vector block

    • Set the Sequence to:
      • Start: 0 mm
      • Increment: 12 mm
      • Count: 5

8. Input the Cylinder block into the Object Input to translate all 5 parts by increments of 12 mm



And that’s it! You’ve successfully iterated a cylinder design by using lists

Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example file:

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