nTop Organization Administration Licensing Guide


Organization Administration Licensing, also known as Org. Admin. Licensing is the ability for a user at an organization to invite people from within their company to use nTop and to manage their cloud licenses. The Org. Admin. is a role assigned to an individual at an organization by nTop. This guide walks you through how to use the Org. Admin. Licensing Dashboard.

If you are interested in Cloud Floating License Management, please scroll down to the second half of this article.

What does Org. Admin Licensing offer?

With the Org. Admin. Role, you have the ability to:

  • Add/Edit/Delete Users
  • Create & Manage Teams
  • Manage Named User Licenses
  • Manage Floating Licenses

If you become an Org. Admin, you’ll receive an email invitation to create your account at app.ntop.com. Once your password is set, you can perform the actions outlined above. If you already have an account at app.ntop.com, you’ll still receive an email notifying you of this role change with links to helpful onboarding material, such as this support article. 


The Org. Admin. Dashboard is integrated into your user dashboard. It’ll appear as another menu option, License Management, above the Help Center link. You’ll see an overview of your entire organization from the License Management menu. This includes the number of Users, Teams, and Licenses. Below the dashboard overview is the user-licensing table. Below is an example of this view: 

The image above shows three tabs available to navigate through Users, Licenses, and Floating.

Adding Users

As an Org. Admin, you can invite new users to your organization. If there are users who already belong to your organization, they’ll automatically appear in the user-licensing table. You can add a new user to your organization by selecting the Add User button in the Users tab.

The Add User button will open a modal window that’ll require you to input the following information: 

  • Full Name
  • Email
  • Team (optional)
  • License 

Once you add a user, you cannot change their email address. You can, however, change their Full Name, Team, and License. Below is an overview of the Add New User window: 

If you encounter any issues adding a user to your organization, please contact support@ntop.com

Create Teams 

As an Org. Admin, you can create teams to organize the users in your organization. You can also edit and delete teams. 

To create a team, select the Manage Teams button in the Users tab of your Org. Admin Dashboard. A modal window will appear, allowing you to add, edit, and delete teams. To add a team, simply type the name of the team you’d like to create and select the +Add button. Select Save once you are done. You can cancel at any time. If you need to change the name of a team, select the Edit icon next to the applicable team. This will activate edit mode. Change the name of the target team and select Save

Select the Edit icon next to the applicable team to delete a team. Select the "red x" icon, and you will be prompted with a message that asks you to confirm the deletion. Deleting a team doesn’t delete users or licenses. If you must delete a team, the users’ team will default to None. Hit cancel to exit this mode. Below is an image of the Manage Teams window when you select the "red x" icon.

To add a user to a team, select the Edit icon in the row of the user-licensing table. You can select a team from the Team drop-down menu from this modal window. Select Save when you are finished assigning a team.

Manage Licenses

As an Org. Admin, you’ll be able to assign and un-assign licenses from the users in your organization. There are two ways to assign licenses to your users. 
The first is if you are creating a new user for your organization. By selecting the +Add User button, you create a new user who can be assigned a license immediately. When the user info is saved, a welcome email will be sent to them to set up their account.

From the Users tab of your dashboard, you can also see the licenses assigned to each of your users and their expiration dates. You should be able to see multiple chips assigned to a user if they have both nTop and nTop Automate licenses assigned to them.

The second way to assign a license to a user is through the Licenses tab. On this tab, you can see the details of all licenses in your organization.

  • License ID
  • Assigned User (User Full Name)
  • Application (nTop or nTop Automate)
  • Mode (FULL or TRIAL)
  • Status (Valid and Deactivated)
  • License Start Date
  • License Expiration Date

By selecting the Assign User icon, a modal window will show you a drop-down of current users to which the license can be assigned.

Also shown in the image below, you can select the Request Licenses button if your organization needs more licenses. This modal window will allow you to specify the type of license you need more of and the number of licenses you would like to add. A Sales Representative will reach out when this request is made.

If you need to transfer a license from one user to another, follow the second procedure above. Select the new user to obtain the license in the Assign User modal window of the license you want to transfer. A message will show you that the license is already assigned and ask you to confirm that you would like to reassign this license to the new user. 

Miscellaneous Features

  • Edit A User’s Password: as an Org. Admin, you cannot see a user’s password, but you can change their password if the user is blocked from receiving our Reset Password emails. Emails are sometimes blocked due to IT Firewalls. 
  • Items per page: you can also control the number of items displayed by changing the Items per page value located next to the search bar at the top of the user-licensing table.  
  • Search: In the search bar above the user-licensing table, you can search for users via their name or email address
  • Your License: As an Org. Admin, you don’t need a nTop license to download and install the software. If you need a license, you’ll either already have one assigned to you by nTop, or you can assign yourself a license via the user-licensing table.  


Cloud Floating License Management


Floating Tab

The third tab in your Org. Admin. Licensing Dashboard is the Floating tab. You will see all the information on your floating licenses on this tab.

  • License ID
  • Assigned Users (User Full Name)
  • Licenses (nTop or nTop Automate)
  • Mode (FULL or TRIAL)
  • Status (Valid and Deactivated)
  • Location (Country or Global)
  • License Start Date
  • License Expiration Date

With this tab, you can perform actions such as: assigning a country to country-specific licenses, assigning users to floating licenses, merging licenses into pools for joint access, and seeing which users have a license checked out. Below is an example of this dashboard:


For Country-Specific licenses, the Org. Admin is responsible for specifying the country before being able to assign users to it. The exclamation point icon in the Location column denotes Country-Specific licenses that have yet to be assigned a country.

Select the globe icon in the right-side column next to the applicable license to assign a country. From this modal window, you can select the country from the drop-down. After hitting assign, a new prompt will appear, asking you to type the country name in the text box. This is a confirmation step, as once a country is set, this cannot be changed for the subscription duration.



License Pools

Org. Admins can merge licenses into a single pool so 2+ users can access 2+ licenses for Global licenses and Country-Specific licenses within the same country. Only licenses that meet these criteria will have a merge licenses icon. 

Select the Merge icon in the right-side column next to the applicable license to merge license pools. From this modal window, you can select the other pool to merge with from the drop-down. After hitting merge, a new prompt will appear, asking you to confirm the merge. This is a confirmation step, as once two pools are merged, this cannot be changed for the subscription duration.



Assigning Users

Org. Admins can assign multiple users to their floating license pools so they can access nTop. If a user is assigned to another license, it will remove that assignment in favor of the new assignment. 

Select the Assign Seat icon in the right-side column next to the applicable license to assign a user to a floating license. From this modal window, you can select the users you would like to add from the drop-down. After hitting save, a new prompt may appear if a user already has a previous assignment. 



Checked Out Floating Licenses

When users check out a floating license, their icon will be highlighted green. This allows the Org. Admin to know who is currently using each of the licenses. 




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