How do I export from nTop?


How can I export my part/mesh/block/list?


There are two main methods for exporting a part out of nTop. If you are looking to see what types of export are supported, check out this article

Method 1: Right-Click Export

On certain block types, you can Right-click the block and choose 'Export'. This will give you a quick, one-off export. If you Right-click a mesh block type, for example, it will allow you to export your part as a mesh. Not all block types support this type of export. If you run into that, try using Method 2.


Method 2: Export Block

If your block doesn't support Right-click export, or you want to add an Export block to your re-usable workflow, then you can add a type-specific Export Block. Type 'Export' into the Notebook Searchbar to see the list of all Export blocks available. You can also find Export blocks in the Ribbon under the Utilities tab.

Simply add the Export block to your workflow, enter your part into the input, and choose a file path and type. 


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