I am not using Windows 10. What other OS options does nTop support?


Users without access to a Windows 10 PC would like to run nTop using alternate operating systems.

Applies to:

  • nTop 2.23.7
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows Server 2019


Windows 10, 64-bit, is the only OS that nTop officially supports.


Some users are successful in using alternate versions of Windows. For optimal results, install the latest Windows updates and versions of Microsoft Visual C++. Be aware that nTop only tests Windows 10 configurations and cannot diagnose or support any issues. 

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  • What about ntopcl for Linux? What version of Linux are supported? When I try to run this in Docker in Debian 11 or Debian 10 (x64_86) I get problems with missing libmpfr4.so. This is a quite old version of this library, Debian supports only the next version: libmpfr6.


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