How to create an FE Model for a simple shell lattice


Set up a simulation for a Shell Lattice with a solid body and learn how to use the Shell Attribute.

Applies to:

  • Cutting down meshing time
  • Simulating Shell Lattices


1. Set up: We are starting out with our geometry imported and prepared to set up for the simulation.

    • Make sure your shell lattice is in the lattice type (purple) and has no thickness


2. FE Mesh: To simulate our geometry, we need two separate FE Meshes. One for the lattice and one for the solid border. 

    • Add an FE Lattice Mesh block and input the Shell Lattice.
    • Set the Geometric Order to Linear and leave the Subdivisions as 1.


3. FE Model - Components: The FE Model needs a Component for every mesh.

    • Create the FE Shell Component: Add an FE Component.
    • Input the Shell FE Mesh from Step 2.
    • Input an FE Attribute List.
    • Input an FE Shell Attribute.
      • Set the Thickness and Material.


    • Create the FE Solid Component: Add an FE Component.
    • Input the Solid FE Mesh from Step 2.
    • Input an FE Attribute List.
    • Input an FE Solid Attribute.
      • Set the Material.


4. FE Model - Tie Constraint: Any FE Model with more than one Component needs a Tie Constraint to define how the two components are tied together.

    • Add a Tie Constraint block in the Connector input.
    • Add an FE Boundary by Body block to the Independent and Dependent Boundary inputs.
      • For the Independent Boundary, use the outside border. Use the FE Boundary by Body block to select it.
      • For the Dependent Boundary, use the Shell Lattice. Use the FE Boundary by Body block to select where the Shell touches the Outer border.
    • Set the Tolerance on the Tie Constraint to 0.5mm to allow for the Shell Lattice to be selected.


The Shell Lattice is now all set up! After step 4, the steps to run the simulation are the same. All you need to do is add Boundary Conditions and run the simulation. Read the articles linked above for more information on those steps. 

Are you still having issues? Reach out to the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

Download the Example file:

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