How to export your design to Ansys Fluent


If you’re here, you’re probably trying to figure out the best ways to use nTop to export solid and or fluid domains to Ansys Fluent, and in this video, I’ll show you the process step by step.

We highly recommend going through the Learning Center course to learn more about techniques used to create a multi-domain HEX in nTop.

An overview of the steps are: 

  • Generate Solid/Fluid bodies in nTop  
  • Generate/Export STL mesh in nTop  
  • Import STL mesh into Ansys Spaceclaim to define & capture the Boundary Condition surfaces 
  • Import *.scdoc into Ansys Fluent (with Meshing) using the Fault-tolerant meshing (FTM) workflow
  • Describe and identify various aspects/regions of the geometry
  • Generate the  Volume Mesh + Inflation Layers (option for hexahedral/polyhedral/tet mesh) 
  • Set Up CFD using the surfaces captured in SpaceClaim

Now let’s get started!

And there you go! If you’ve followed the instructions in this video, you should now have exported your solid/fluids domains from nTop into Ansys Fluent. Now, you can run simulations on your nTop parts in Fluent.

If you still have questions, the support team will gladly help you.

Thanks for watching!

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