Files with Custom Implicit Unit Cell take a long time to open


Users may experience an unexpectedly long time to open a file if the workflow contains a Custom Implicit Unit Cell.

Applies to:

  • nTop 2.27.7
  • Custom Implicit Unit Cell


This issue occurs due to a bug with the Custom Implicit Unit Cell.


This is a known defect, we are actively exploring options to implement a fix. Currently, there are no workarounds but the file will open eventually. 

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  • Hi!
    I've been working with a custom unit cell based on a diamond tpms with added features. It not only opens slow but takes extremely long to show with or without gpu. Often the software locks up. I was happy to start using the custom unit cell but now it's totally unusable so I have to go back and use the normal diamond tpms with booleans later on.

    Do you see a fix coming for this soon? Thanks


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