How to open up a Custom Block


Learn how to open up a Custom Block, or a built-in Toolkit block, to see how it is created. There are two methods for opening Custom Blocks.

Applies to:

  • Custom Blocks

Procedure 1:

1. Identify your Custom Block by making sure it has two parallel lines down its left side. This means that the block has a nTop Notebook running it. 



2. Right-click on the block and select "Export Block". Save the block as a nTop file. 


3. Open up the newly saved nTop file in a new instance of nTop. From here you can see how it works or edit the process to fit your workflow. 



Procedure 2:

1. Starting with a blank notebook, select the Outline symbol to open up the left side menu. From there, import a Custom Block using the "Import Block" button.


2. When a block is imported it will be listed on the left side. By right-clicking on the block it will open a sub-menu, then select "Open".



And that’s it! You’ve successfully opened up a Custom block or a Toolkit

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