How to translate and array an object to a set of points


Learn how to translate and array an object to a set of points.

Applies to:

  • Implicit modeling


1. Start with an imported part that is already converted into an Implicit body (this method also works with other body formats).

2. Import your CSV file using the Import Scalar Point Map block. Make sure you use the correct format of X, Y, Z, S, where S corresponds to the value at each point.

3. Add a Translate Object block and input the Implicit body (or your chosen object) into the object input.

5. Open up the properties of the Import Scalar Point Map, expand the properties of the Points, and drag the Vector chip into the Vector input of the Translate Object block. Watch this process in the gif below. This turns the Translate Object block into a list, creating an object at each point defined in the point map.


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