Why does my conformal lattice extend beyond the CAD Face?


Why does my conformal lattice extend beyond the CAD Face?

Why does the parameterization on my CAD face extend beyond the face?

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  • CAD Face Parameterization
  • Conformal lattices


Parameterization of a CAD Face depends on how the CAD geometry is generated. On the left, the geometry was generated by creating a cone and trimming that cone with a plane (leading to geometry that isn't nicely parameterized in nTop). If you trim a surface, the face still 'sees' that part when it is parameterized for conformal lattices, creating unintended results. The face is parameterized nicely on the right because the cone was generated by lofting a circle with a tilted circle.


The easiest solution for generating a lattice that conforms to a curve is to create the surface using a loft. You can see the lattice follows the edges nicely in the image below. 


However, sometimes this method can't create the geometry you need. If this is the case, there are some alternative approaches to create a conformal lattice. One way is to use a quad mesh to generate the lattice. It can be challenging to determine the best option since the control over cell size can be limited when using the quad mesh method. A picture of the quad mesh result is below:


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