Can I use relative paths instead of absolute paths?


Can I use relative paths instead of absolute paths?

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  • Exporting


If both files are to be stored in the same directory, then the entire Path input is not needed. For example, the [File_Name].[Extension] is used as a Path here in the input file.

nTop doesn't have the option to use relative paths in the Path input, but you can create a relative path using the Concatenate Text block if you wish to move to a different directory. An example of this is below:


    • The final destination is on the top of the Concatenate Text block. 
    • Choose the folder using the Index input.

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  • Are there any plans to create a tool which splits the filepath into all its individual components? (Something similar to fileparts in Matlab)
    This would then let users construct relative file paths from an initial input file or folder path (although it would also be useful to have a block which allowed a user to pick a folder).


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