I am not able to locate TPMS Unit Cell


I am not able to find TPMS Unit Cell as shown in the videos.

Applies to:

  • Beta Blocks
  • Periodic Lattice Body


The block name has been updated


  • In 3.15, A new single-parameter TPMS unit cell block: TPMS Unit Cell with Bias (Beta) has been added. This unit cell is non-walled, meaning that you don’t assign any thickness value to the TPMS walls. The single-parameter available is for approximate bias length, which will shift the mid-surface wall inward or outward. 
  • Along with this change, the two existing TPMS unit cells have been renamed to Walled TPMS Unit Cell (Beta) and Walled TPMS Unit Cell with Bias (Beta). If you’re utilizing these blocks in an existing Notebook you will see the name change automatically and do not have to make any manual changes.

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