Why am I getting different values on using units with math blocks?


Why am I getting different values on using units with mod block?

Applies to:

  • Mod block
  • Math blocks


The Mod block has two inputs that could be Scalars, Integers, or Scalar Fields.  The block returns the remainder from the division of the part of the first input (the dividend) by the second input (the divisor).


When the first input is completely divisible by the second, the value returned should be 0.

There are instances when the value returned by the Mod block is not equal to 0 such as the example below.


This is a result of the system not processing this as 60 mod 20. nTop uses MKS (meters/kilograms/seconds), and thus the behavior of 0.06 and 0.02 ends up being the one that prevails for 60mm and 20mm. Unfortunately, This is an unavoidable effect of using discontinuous functions on real numbers. As a workaround, you can use the Mod block without units to get your intended results.

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