nTopology 3.20 - What's New?

Version 3.20

nTopology 3.20 is here! This is a lighter release featuring some quality of life enhancements. We’ve improved the error messages for all Primitive and Curve blocks and fixed a few issues that users were running into. As with every release, nTopology’s dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntopology.com to access helpful tutorials and support articles.

Usage Improvements

Bug Fixes

Usage Improvements

  • We updated all Primitive and Curve blocks with more descriptive errors to help you better understand and troubleshoot any issues.
  • We added error messages to help you troubleshoot issues caused by importing Custom Blocks saved in older versions of nTopology.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with "Go to Variable Block" on a specific variable that does not scroll to target correctly.
  • We fixed an issue with the Field Viewer and Section Cut windows not closing when a user selects the “Esc” key, causing nTopology to exit after further interaction.
  • We fixed an issue with certain math blocks (Add, Subtract, etc.) not being able to overload to an Integer type if an integer was inputted.
  • We fixed an issue where creating a new file while a block is selected prevents selecting objects in view.
  • We fixed an issue where the nTopology landing page has three File menu items disabled - New, Open, and My Blocks Folder.


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