How to create a smooth profile polygon


Create a smooth profile polygon using a points list.

Applies to:

  • Using a solid body to clean a hole
  • Custom curved profiles 


1. Points List: Enter point values that map out your general shape; you can edit these later to achieve a more precise result. 



2. Curve Through Points: Insert the points list using the Curve through the Points block. This will generate a line connection between all of the points. The Degree input allows for the adjustment of the degree of the curve. The gif below demonstrates how different degrees affect the overall shape; for this example, we will use "3" as it provides the smoothest result. 



3. Equidistant Points: Create equidistant points along the length of the shape. A smaller increment value will create a more concise form. 


4. Polygon from Points: Lastly, insert the Equidistant Points block into the Polygon from Points. This creates a usable polygon that can be extruded into a solid body.



And that’s it! You’ve successfully created a smooth profile polygon

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Download the Example file:

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