nTopology 3.40 - What's New?

nTopology 3.40 is here! This is a lighter release with updates to our Cell Map blocks and bug fixes. As with every release, nTopology’s dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntopology.com to gain access to helpful tutorials and support articles.

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Block Updates

  • We improved the speed and released new versions of the periodic Cell Map blocks:
    • Rectangular Cell Map
    • Cylindrical Cell Map
    • Spherical Cell map

In most cases, the Cell Map generated in the new block versions will be the same. In certain rare cases where one or more edges of a cell coincides or very nearly coincides with the input Volume you might see a different result. If the output contains an additional cell(s), you can use the Trim Cell Map block to remove them. If the output is missing cells at the border, you can use either the Thicken Body block or Boolean Union block to add material to your Implicit Body. The run-time speed improvement varies depending on your part. In the heat exchanger workflow below the Rectangular Cell Map generation took 239 milliseconds in nTop 3.40 versus 1,952 milliseconds in nTop 3.39, this is roughly an 8x improvement.

Cell Map

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue where the Production overloads of the Walled TPMS Unit Cell and Walled TPMS Unit Cell with Offset blocks are added to the notebook instead of the Beta overloads when selecting them from Beta->Lattices - Unit Cells in the ribbon.
  • We fixed an issue where optional inputs with invalid values were erased when the block input was re-selected.
  • We fixed an issue where downward arrows show incorrectly above the type icons for the inputs of certain list blocks.
  • We fixed an issue where a white line lingers in the notebook when opening the search-in-place Add Block launcher and selecting somewhere else.
  • We fixed an issue where the information panel doesn’t close upon viewport selection after dragging certain properties into the notebook.
  • We fixed an issue where certain Any type inputs weren’t being carried over when using copy and paste.
  • We fixed an issue with the Displacement Restraint block. When this block had a combination of a non-zero or empty displacement input and a user-defined frame, it led to erroneous stress and strain results in a Static Analysis.
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