How to extract or clean up mesh bodies


Learn how to separate a part with multiple bodies using the Split Mesh block

Learn how to clean up a part using the Split Mesh block.

Applies to:

  • This procedure will also work to separate Implicit bodies, just convert the result back to Implicit
  • Cleaning up meshing artifacts


1. Set-Up: Start with a Mesh with multiple bodies

    • Ex. Boolean Subtract a Walled TPMS from a Cube of the same size.

2. Add a Split Mesh block and input your Mesh

3. Open up the Properties of the Split Mesh block and scroll to the bottom. The Meshes are organized by size. Drag the chip out into the Notebook to extract the meshes from the Split Mesh.

This process works when you have one large mesh and multiple mesh artifacts. Input your Mesh into the Split Mesh block and take the top Chip to cut out any artifacts.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully extracted your meshes using the Split Mesh block. 

Are you still having issues? Contact the support team, and we’ll be happy to help!

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