nTop Platform 2.26 - What's New

nTopology 2.26 is here! This release features some powerful new blocks, such as the Angle Field block which enables you to find the angle on a surface of an object with respect to a vector as a scalar. In addition, we’ve enhanced the Organization Administration Licensing dashboard to make it easier for you to manage the licenses and users in your organization. As with every release, nTopology’s dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntopology.com to gain access to helpful tutorials and support articles.

Angle Field Block

  • Location: Fields > Utilities
  • Description: Generates a field that indicates angle with respect to a direction.
  • Input 01: Body
    • Type: Implicit Body
    • Direction: Implicit Body to detect the angle with respect to the direction.
  • Input 02: Direction
    • Type: Vector
    • Direction: Vector that corresponds to the direction.
  • Return Type: Scalar Field

Filter Points by Volume Block

  • Location: Modeling > Utilities
  • Description: Filters a list of points to those either inside, outside, or along the boundary of an implicit body and returns a point list of those satisfying the criteria.
  • Input 01: Points
    • Type: Point List
    • Description: The points that will be filtered.
  • Input 02: Volume
    • Type: Implicit Body
    • Description: Volume to perform the filtering with.
  • Input 03: Region
    • Type: Choice
    • Description: The region of points to retain via filtering.
  • Return Type: Point List

New Org. Admin Licensing Dashboard

  • We’ve enhanced the user interactions and experience of the Organization Administration Licensing dashboard at app.ntoplogy.com to make it easier for Org. Admins to manage licenses and users.
  • For those who are Org. Admins, your dashboard is now integrated into your user dashboard at app.ntopology.com
  • In addition, your organization’s licensing and user information has been condensed into one, easy to use table.
  • OrgAdmin.png
  • With the Org. Admin. Licensing dashboard, you can:
    • Add new users to your organization
    • Create, edit, and delete teams
    • Add new and existing users to teams
    • Assign and unassign licenses from users
  • To learn more, review this support article here: nTopology Organization Administration Licensing Guide
  • For those interested in leveraging this feature for your organization, please contact our support team at support.ntopology.com

Text from Scalar Block

  • Location: Utilities > Conversion
  • Description: Convert a Scalar to Text using a specified reference to maintain consistency regardless of unit systems.
  • Input 01: Value
    • Type: Scalar
    • Description: The value to convert to text.
  • Input 02: Reference
    • Type: Scalar
    • Description: The reference used to maintain a consistent output. Typically this is a value of 1, with the desired unit. For example, if looking to export in units of millimeters, then an input of 1mm would be appropriate.
  • Input 03: Precision
    • Type: Integer
    • Description: The number of significant digits for formatting the value as text.
  • Return Type: Text

Bug Fixes

  • Field viewer units no longer remains the same after you change the global units settings.
  • Section cuts on geometries containing multiple lattice components no longer forces nTopology to unexpectedly exit.
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