nTop Preview Guide


What is a Preview License?

Every account created with nTop has a free preview license. You can check all your available licenses from User Dashboard (app.ntop.com) > Account Settings.

Preview mode is a mode of nTop that we introduced to give users the opportunity to experience the power and capabilities of nTop without purchasing a full license. 

Note: If you had a license before that expired, you would automatically be switched to a Preview License. 

What can you do in Preview Mode?

Once you log into nTop, you’ll be greeted by our Home screen, which provides exciting example files and learning resources. You can also open existing files from this Home screen. 


Open an example file by clicking the thumbnail you’d like to view. A series of hints will appear and guide you through your first journey. Hints will automatically appear on the first launch in Preview mode and the first launch in Trial. Hints can always be reopened. 

With this preview version of nTop, you can: 

  • Preview nTop Notebooks and experience the power of reusable workflows. 
  • Change the inputs of a workflow to see models update in real time. 
  • Expand blocks to view their content and toggle the visibility to render their outputs.

You can also: 

  • Take section cuts of a model by selecting View > Section Cut or pressing the hotkey “X.” 
  • View the field of a model by selecting the View > Field Viewer or pressing the hotkey “F.” 

With this Preview of nTop, you cannot perform the following actions: 

  • Add blocks
  • Delete blocks
  • Modify the body of a notebook
  • Import data (unless a variable file path is in the input section of a notebook)
  • Export data



I purchased and have an active license. Why am I in preview mode?

Please check your User Dashboard to see if you still have an active license associated with your account. If you purchased a FlexNet Publisher (FNP) license, you would have to connect to your FNP server to access nTop (Getting Started with FlexNet Floating)

I entered preview mode as my Educational License expired. How do I renew it?

To apply to renew your educational license, please follow and fill out the form in this link, and we will process your request.

You have successfully learned about our Preview mode. Reach out to support@ntop.com if you have any further questions about licensing.


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