nTopology 3.44 - What's New?

nTopology 3.44 is here! This release features our new Export Table block that exports Table data to an external CSV file and updates our Meshing and Simulation blocks. You can learn more by clicking here. As with every release, nTopology’s dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntopology.com to gain access to helpful tutorials and support articles.

Export Table

  • The Export Table block exports Table data to an external CSV file. Tables can be imported into nTop from external CSV files using the Import Table block, released in 3.43.
  • Some examples workflows leveraging Tables are:
    • Design parameter sets
    • Nonlinear material data
  • Block Name: Export Table
  • Location: Utilities -> Exchange
  • Description: Exports Table data to an external file.
    • Path: System path of exported Table file.
    • Table: Table to export.

Export Table

Block Updates

We updated the 5 blocks related to meshing and simulation due to a meshing library update. The previous versions of these blocks have been deprecated and removed from the software. The blocks, their function, the updated version, and the performance difference from the previous version are outlined in the following table :

Block Name Function Update Version Change
Remesh Surface Re-mesh an existing surface mesh. 1.1.0 Minor differences in mesh output
Remesh Surface with Cyclic Symmetry Re-mesh a surface mesh to create conformal nodes between the independent and dependent planes. Beta Minor differences in mesh output
Volume Mesh To mesh a solid domain with tetrahedral elements that conform to the boundary of the specified domain. 1.2.0 Minor differences in mesh output
Boundary Layer Mesh To create a solid mesh along the boundary of a surface mesh using a defined number of layers.  1.2.0 Minor differences in mesh output
Modal Analysis To calculate the natural frequencies and mode shapes of an FE Model. 1.3.0 Minor differences in frequency values of rigid body modes

For more information on this update and recommended actions, please refer to the Meshing updates for Simulation & Optimization article on our support landing page.

  • We improved the CAD Body from Implicit Body (Beta) block better to convert thin or small features of an Implicit Body.
  • We deprecated version 1.0.0 of the Boolean Subtract block and released version 1.1.0. This new version corrects an issue that was producing incorrect gradients in some cases when the Subtraction bodies list input contained a single body. The impact of this bug could be seen downstream in the Manufacturing Support Beam (Beta) block, where support beams were missing. If you observed missing beams in a workflow that uses the Boolean Subtract block, updating the block version will give you the correct support structure.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with the Trim Lattice block that prevented proper block cancellation. CPU usage now reduces as expected after user-triggered cancellation. The Trim Lattice block is called internally by the following blocks, which will also now cancel as expected:
    • Rectangular Volume Lattice
    • Cylindrical Volume Lattice
    • Spherical Volume Lattice
  • We fixed an issue with files containing certain Custom Blocks taking a long time to load.
  • We fixed an issue where the notebook search wasn’t displaying any results.


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