Referencing nTop in a Publication


When writing an article for the public domain, whether that is a research paper, thesis, book, blog etc., we require that the authors ensure that any reference to nTop products or resources is clear and specific that allows the readers to discover the relevant information and reproduce the published findings. 

Any documentation manuals, online help and learning center content available on nTop website or accompanying the software are protected by copyright law and are subject to nondisclosure provisions in your software license agreement. If any piece of content is used directly, paraphrased, or summarized, then a citation to the source of this information must be included in your publication.

Note that for blogs and non-scholarly articles, a hyperlink to the referenced material is sufficient. 

For scholarly articles (research papers, thesis etc.), please include the product name in the abstract or the body of the content and provide the product documentation as a reference whenever possible using the guidelines provided below. 

Note that the link to the company page can be replaced by a direct URL to the relevant page if required by citation style guides.

nTop Product References

  • Example product reference: nTop, Release 4.1, nTop Inc.,

nTop Documentation References

This should include the product name, release version, chapter heading, section, company name

  • Example documentation citation: nTop Documentation, Release 4.0, Implicit and Other Models, Implicit, nTop Inc.,

nTop Support References

This should include the source, category, article heading, company name

  • Example help center citation: nTop Support, Meshing Workflows, What are surface meshing best practices?, nTop Inc.,

nTop Learn References

This should include the source, course title, chapter title, company name

  • Example learn center citation: nTop Learn, Lattice FEA, Lattice Simulation Options and Comparison, nTop Inc.,
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