nTop 4.16 - What's New?

nTop 4.16 is here! This release features improvements to viewing Table Data and our new Demold Constraint (Beta) block used in Topology Optimization to create parts manufactured with molds. Scroll down to read about these in detail. As with every release, nTop's dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntop.com to gain access to helpful tutorials and support articles.

View Table Data

View Table Data

  • Any blocks that output a Table or Column type can now be viewed directly in nTop in the Bottom Panel. Additionally, You can view any block that outputs a Scalar List, Integer List, Text List, or Point List type more intuitively in the Bottom Panel. Each open tab will remain in the bottom panel until it is closed.
  • Location: Right Side Panel > Display > View Data

Cartesian Product

The Cartesian Product block creates combinations using input Columns. You can create a Cartesian product from any number of columns that contain rows of different sizes.

  • You can use the Cartesian Product block to generate the combinations needed to run parameter sweeps directly in nTop. This block helps you explore designs for applications such as heat exchangers and architected materials.
  • Block Name: Cartesian Product
  • Location: Utilities > General
  • Description: Creates a Table of all possible combinations from a set of Columns.
  • Columns: List of Columns to generate combinations from.
  • Output: Table TypeCartesian Product

Demold Constraint (Beta)

Demold Constraint

The Demold Constraint block is a constraint for Topology Optimization to generate parts that are moldable/castable. The constraint can ensure that the topology optimization results have an optimum 3D parting line/surface and will avoid any undercuts with respect to the pull direction(s). In addition to optimizing the parting surface, users can define their own surface and use the constraint for single-draw methods. You can now generate parts manufactured with molds using this block alongside other optimization objectives and constraints.

  • Block Name: Demold Constraint
  • Location: Beta > Topology Optimization
  • Description: Define a demold constraint for a topology optimization process. The constraint ensures no undercuts in the optimized result, enabling mold release in the specified demold direction.
  • Demold Direction: The mold pull direction.
  • Auto Split Surface: Optimize the parting surface. If selected, the optimization will result in a part intended for a split mold manufacturing process, where you optimize the mold splitting surface during the topology optimization. If unselected, the resulting part will assume a single-draw mold.
  • Region: Region where the demold constraint is applied. If left blank, the constraint is applied to the entire model.
  • Output: Optimization Constraint

Usage Improvements

  • The Information tab of the Right Side Panel will now automatically scroll to the corresponding selected input, even if it's out of view.RSP
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