nTop 4.17 - What's New?

nTop 4.17 is here! This release features two new blocks. The Extract Optimization History block enables you to export convergence history. The Run Command block enables you to run any command-line command within nTop. Scroll down to read more about these blocks. This release also includes bug fixes and improvements to viewing simulation result plots. As with every release, nTop’s dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntop.com to gain access to helpful tutorials and support articles.

Extract Optimization History (Beta)

  • The Extract Optimization History block allows users to extract the objective and constraint values for every iteration of a Topology Optimization or Field Optimization result.
  • This block helps you examine the convergence of a Topology Optimization or Field Optimization result.
  • You can view the Table by clicking on the View Data button on the Display tab in the Right Panel
  • Block Name: Extract Optimization History
  • Location: Beta > Topology Optimization
  • Result: Result to extract convergence history from.
    • Unit System: Unit system that the convergence data should be translated to.
    • Precision: The number of significant digits for formatting the output value.
    • Output: Table


Run Command (Beta)

  • The Run Command block allows users to run any command-line command directly within nTop. This block enables the execution of diverse external processes, such as executing complex simulations, interfacing with external design tools, or integrating manufacturing processes.
    • Connecting applications: Any command-line executables of design, analysis, or manufacturing software and tools
    • Automation: Execute command-line or PowerShell commands for automation.
    • Scripting: Execute commands in Python, Lua, or any other scripting language you choose.
  • Block Name: Run Command
  • Location: Beta > Utilities
  • Description: Executes a command on your local machine.
    • Command: Command to execute.
    • Timeout: Option to cancel execution if unfinished after a set time period.
    • Working Directory: Option to set a working directory for external command.
    • Output: Command Result

You can find examples of the Run Command block here.

The GIF below shows an example of the Run Command block used to plot with Python Script with input variables from nTop.


Updated Plot Views

  • We have moved the Plots to the right-side panel so you can quickly view the data when the object is selected.
  • When you click on a plot, it will open a larger view in the bottom panel so you can take a closer look. You can resize the panel and switch which plot you want to view there.
  • Tip: You can view plot updates while your optimization is running.
  • Location: Right Side Panel > Display > Plots


Usage Improvements

  • You can now use the “View Data” feature to open Scalar List, Temperature List, Boolean List, Integer List, Text List, Vector List, Point List, CAD Body List, Part List, Component List, Filepath List, Scalar Point Map, Vector Point Map, Temperature Point Map, Tables and Columns types in the bottom panel.


  • We added the hotkey Ctrl + 3 for the bottom panel so you can quickly open and close it to view tables, lists, and plots.
  • We removed the old “Information” and “Display” tabs from the block details window. The “Properties” tab is now the default.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue with the Export Slices to CLS block that produced empty slices.
  • We fixed an issue with the “View Data” feature so more blocks that output tables and list types can be viewed in the bottom panel, such as “Concatenate Lists” (using text lists) and “Scalar from Text List”.
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