When is a floating license checked back in?


If you are here, you are wondering how to check in a borrowed floating license or if you are running into a No available floating licenses error whilst the previous user closed their nTop session.


When you close all active nTop sessions, you are checking back in the license you borrowed. You don't have to do anything other than closing all nTop windows. This should be instantaneous, and the license becomes available for others in the Floating pool to check out.

If you need help finding who has checked out the license, reach out to your Org Admin, and they will be able to identify the user from the Org Admin Dashboard (nTop Organization Administration Licensing Guide)

When users check out a floating license, their icon will be highlighted green. This allows the Org. Admin to know who is currently using each of the licenses. When you hover over the icon, you can see the user's name who has checked out. 


Is there an idle license timeout?

During the license status check run every 3 hours, we scan all the checked-out licenses to see if they are being used. In case of inactivity, they are checked back in.

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