Getting Started with nTop

If you’re here, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get started with nTop, and this guide explains how to install and get set up step by step. After reading this tutorial you should be able to:

Before beginning, ensure that your workstation satisfies the minimum system requirements (nTop System and Licensing Requirements Guide). Customers with Local licenses will want to review Loading a Local License File.

1. Account Set-Up

After you reach out about nTop or talk to our Sales team, you will receive an email from If you can't find it, it may be in your spam folder. If it isn't there, check out these tips and contact support if you are still having issues.

    • Open the email.
    • Select Activate My Account.
      • This takes you to where you can set up a new password. Your username will be the email address you used to sign-up. 


      • If your link to set up your new account has expired, you can generate a new link by selecting Request. A new email will be sent to your email address.


    • Set up a new password and click Save.
      • Once you set up a new password, you will be taken to the login screen.


    • Login using your email address and new password.
      • You are now logged in to the nTop User Dashboard.

2. Download the Software

Upon logging in to the nTop User Dashboard, you will see a button on the home page to download the latest version of nTop.


    • Select Download nTop and save the file to your desktop

While nTop is downloading, check out the resources available in the User Dashboard.

    • View personalized learning content
    • Access to Help and learning resources
    • Complete activation tasks in the Get Started tab
    • Change your password and view license info in the Account Settings tab.

3. Install the Software

    • Double click on the .exe to run the installer.
    • Read and accept the EULA to continue with the installation.
    • Choose the file location to save the program.
    • Choose which Toolkits you want to install.
    • Select Install.

4. Open the Software

    • Double-click on the nTop icon (or search in the Windows search bar) to open the program.
    • Enter your email address and password to log in using your Cloud license.
    • The Home page opens up, allowing you to start a new file, Open a new file, or open an existing example file.

5. Software Updates

    • A green arrow appears in the upper right-hand corner when there is a new update. You can view the Release Notes and download the latest updates by selecting the button. 
      • You will need to close nTop to install the latest version.

6. View Documentation and get Help

In the upper right-hand corner, select the (?) to open a sub-menu that contains options for Documentation and Support. The Documentation button opens up the local documentation. In the documentation, you can find resources on the user interface, concepts, and more. The Support button opens up the Help Center (where you are reading this article).

7. Get Support

Read about our support resources here: How do I get technical support?


And there you go! If you’ve followed the instructions above, you should now have nTop downloaded and ready to go. Now, you’ll be able to start using the program. 

If you still have questions our support team would be happy to help you.

Thanks for watching!

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