nTop Account Guide


All nTop users must have an account at app.ntop.com to gain access to our software. If you don't have an account and want to experience nTop, visit this link for a demo.

Once you verify your email address, you'll have access to your User Dashboard, which features a Home page and an Account Settings page.

You can download nTop, examples, and learning resources from the Home page. From the Account Settings page, you can view your licensing information, view and edit your personal information, and change your account password. If you wish to learn about the Org Admin dashboard, check out this article, which has step-by-step instructions (nTop Organization Administration Licensing Guide)


From the Home page, you can immediately download the latest release of nTop and access learning resources, such as getting started guides, video tutorials, example files, and blog articles.
To download nTop, click the Download nTop button. The latest version (Version X.X.X) is below the Download nTop button. You can view the release notes of the newest release by selecting the View Release Notes button beneath the Download nTop button on the right.
Below the Download nTop section are the Help Center and Latest Content sections, which link you to essential learning resources on our support website at support.ntop.com and our main website at ntop.com 


Below the Help Center and Latest Content sections is the Example Files section, where you can download various example files categorized by application type. 


Account Settings

From the Account Settings page, you can view your licensing information, view and edit your personal information and change your account password. 



The Learn page navigates you to the learning center (learn.ntop.com). You can just select a self-paced training course and start learning today. Through a combination of hands-on exercises, video tutorials, and written guides, you will master everything you need to work effectively in nTop. 

Help Center

The Help Center page brings you to our extensive and continually expanding support site (support.ntop.com). The Help Center features many helpful articles and videos for every aspect of nTop, from setting up your account to installation, licensing, building notebooks, and workflows, creating lattices, running simulations, importing and exporting data, and so much more. It has content for everyone, regardless of how new or familiar you are with nTop. There's always more to learn. 

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