nTop Platform 2.04 - What's New


nTopology’s nTop Platform 2.4 is here! This release features a new license login screen, a powerful new orthofoam lattice block, and an important update to the toolkit installer. As with every release, nTopology’s dedicated support team is ready to help answer your questions.

New Features and Improvements

New nTop Platform Login Window

  • Cloud Licensed Users
    • If you are a new cloud licensed user, log in to nTop Platform by providing your email and password.
    • If you are an existing cloud licensed user, the login window will not appear unless:
      • Your license has expired.
      • You’ve been disconnected from the internet for more than 10 days.
      • You’ve logged out of nTop Platform (File > Logout)
  • Local Licensed Users
    • If you are a new local licensed user, load your local license by selecting the Use Local License feature beneath the Login button.
    • If you are an existing local licensed user, the login screen will not appear unless:
      • Your license has expired.
      • You’ve deleted your license.


New Orthofoam Lattice Block

  • We’ve significantly improved the computation speed of the orthofoam algorithm and have introduced several new inputs as a result. Below is an overview of the new orthofoam lattice block.
  • Orthofoam Lattice: Create an orthofoam lattice by generating beams between points within a certain distance and direction of each other. A scaling vector field is used to help influence the direction in which points will be connected.
    • Vertices: List of points to generate the orthofoam lattice from.
    • Scale Vector: Vector field to scale the distance function used to connect neighboring vertices together.
    • Valency: Minimum number of nearest vertices to join each vertex.
  • Previous Orthofoam blocks will be deprecated.


Toolkit Updates

  • Toolkits can now be installed from a non-admin account.
  • Toolkits 0.2.3 is now available for all cloud licensed users through app.ntopology.com.
  • For non-cloud licensed users, please contact support@ntopology.com if you’d like to receive the latest toolkit installer and example files.
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