nTop Platform 2.03 - What's New


nTopology’s nTop Platform 2.03 is here! This release features an improved commenting feature that informs users of nested blocks containing comments, as well as usage improvements and toolkit updates. We are working on some big new features that’ll be available soon. Stay tuned!

New Features and Improvements

Improved Notebook Commenting

  • Users can now easily identify blocks with comments that are nested within other blocks.
  • In previous versions, there was no way for a user to know if a block had a description if it had been nested within another block.
  • As shown below, blocks with comments that are nested within other blocks now have a comment icon that appears to the left of the visibility icon.


Usage Improvements

  • Resolution Tab names updated to the following:
    • Low Res
    • Medium Res
    • High Res
    • Highest Res

Toolkit Updates

  • Toolkits 0.2.2 is now available for all cloud licensed users through app.ntopology.com
  • For non-cloud licensed users, please contact support@ntopology.com if you’d like to receive the latest toolkit installer and example files.
  • Below are the latest updates:
    • Topology Optimization Toolkit:
      • Bug fix for the Construct Optimized Body block, where if saved in nTop Platform 2.1, it would throw an error in nTop Platform 2.2.
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