How to create an FE Mesh for a complex shell lattice


Create an FE Mesh for a Trimmed Shell Lattice.

Applies to:

  • Simulating lattices
  • Shell Lattice is too complex to use the FE Lattice Mesh block (Invalid Mesh Topology error appears)


1. Start with a Trim Lattice block to create a lattice.

2. Open the Properties of the Trim Lattice block and extract the 'faces as mesh' chip into the Notebook.

    • To get to this property, expand thick lattice > lattice > faces as mesh.

3. Add a Simplify Mesh by Amount block.

    • Set the Amount to 0.00001.

4. Add an FE Surface Mesh block.

    • Set the Geometric order to Quadratic. 


And that’s it! You’ve successfully created the FE Mesh for a complex shell lattice. 

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Download the Example file:

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