I converted my part to an implicit but it doesn't look like I expected it to


  • When I convert my model to an implicit body it is creating artifacts and fragmented pieces. 
  • My part has gaps where they were none
  • My part looks smaller than the original part
  • I imported a surface and converted it to an implicit. The result is very fragmented.


This can be caused by a few things, some of the most common are:

    • Tolerance too high
    • Errors in mesh/unclean mesh
    • Errors from CAD
    • Resolution too low
    • Surface or thin body converted into an implicit body


    • If your tolerance is too high, change it in the block where you are converting it to an Implicit body. This will re-calculate and should get rid of any artifacts. 


    • If this doesn't improve your part, another method is to convert it to a Mesh. Sometimes the artifacts will disappear in the mesh.
    • Unclean Mesh: The incomplete look may be caused by meshing errors, creating artifacts. Try using the Split Mesh block to separate out the small, fragmented parts. 
    • Converted a surface to an Implicit: Thin implicit bodies don't show up well graphically. Add a thickness to your part by using the Thicken Body block to show a more accurate result. It is best to thicken the part as a first step after converting it to an implicit. 
    • Ran a process and it looks odd: You may need to increase the resolution of your viewport by clicking the menu in the lower-right or using the hot-key CTRL-H to take a high-resolution snapshot of your part.
    • The part has gaps where they shouldn't be any: Use CTRL-H to see a high-resolution image and see that there aren't any gaps in the implicit, it is just how it shows up graphically. 

Still curious about why Implicits behave a little differently? Check out this blog post to learn more about them vs typical CAD parts. 

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