How to use the FDM Fixture Generator


This tutorial explains how to use the Stratasys FDM Fixture Generator. nTop developed this workflow in collaboration with Stratasys to help engineers design and manufacture custom fixtures quickly and efficiently. After reading this walkthrough, you will know how to:

  • Import geometry into the FDM Fixture Generator.
  • Create and modify manufacturing-ready fixtures.
  • Export the geometry to 3D printing formats.

Before starting this tutorial, download the example files and open Stratasys FDM Fixture Generator.ntop. Note that this workflow is predefined. You will perform the following steps using the Notebook on the left side of the screen.

Basic Workflow Overviewoverview1.PNG
Optional Advanced Capabilitiesadvanced.PNG


1. Import the design to be fixtured.

    • Click the Folder on the CAD Part or Mesh Part block and pick the design you want to import. In the example, bracket.stl is already selected.
      • If working with CAD Parts, we suggest using Parasolid (x_t).
      • If working with Mesh Parts, make sure to choose the correct units.
    • Enter the Part Orientation to specify the part removal direction.

2. Create a fixture from the Imported geometry.

3. Generate the mesh and export it to one of the available 3D Printing formats.

    • Drag Default Conformal Fixture into the Mesh Fixture block.
    • We recommend a Feature Size of 1 mm. Smaller values will improve accuracy but may significantly increase processing time and computational requirements.
    • Drag the Mesh Fixture into the Export Mesh block and specify a location and file name for the output.

And there you go! If you’ve followed the instructions in this walkthrough, you should now be ready to open your file with GrabCAD Print and prepare the geometry for FDM printing.

Open the file Stratasys FDM Fixture Generator Tool.ntop to work on your designs.

If you still have questions, our support team will gladly help you.

Example file:

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