The simulation results window isn't appearing


I can run my simulation block, but once I get the results the window to view the properties doesn't appear.


This is caused by a List input being entered into the Simulation block. 


    • Find out when the List appeared. It will have a (#) behind the block name and the List symbol will appear on the icon. 
    • Go to this block and open up the Info Panel.
      • Go to Properties.
      • Scroll down until you find a Chip of the same color as the block with a [0] behind the name. Use this as your input. This input is the same as the block but doesn't have a List attached to it. 
    • Input the Property chip into the next block.
    • You may receive an error 'Invalid Input Type'. This is expected since the block is set up to receive a List.
    • Select the Block Icon and choose the option that shows up in the drop-down that has the same name as that block. This will reset the block to not allow List inputs.
    • Do this for all of the blocks that have a List icon and they will run as normal, allowing the Simulation Results window to appear.


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