How to spatially vary the edge length of a surface mesh


    • Use a Ramp block to control the Mesh spacing of a Remesh Surface.
    • Ramp the Edge length of your part. 


1. Set-up: Start with a meshed part.

2. Remesh: Add a Remesh block.

3. Ramp: Use a Ramp block for the Edge length (controls the size of the mesh elements)

    • Create a Plane from Normal block to use as the Scalar Field. This will allow the elements to ramp up from the bottom of the dome to the top. 
    • Set the In min and In max values to correspond with the area you want the Ramp to occur. This example uses an In min of 0 mm and an In max of 100 mm. 
    • Set the Out min and Out max values to correspond with the sizes you want the Edge Length to be in those areas. This example uses an Out min of 10 mm and an Out max of 1 mm. Don't forget to add units to this step. 


And that’s it! You’ve successfully varied the spacing of your mesh. 

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Download the Example file:

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