Where can I find the log panel for a detailed summary of my error?


I've run into an error and it says "See the log panel for a detailed summary", where is the log panel?

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This pops up when a block has an error with the processes it's running and tracks what occurred in the 'log panel'. 


The log panel is accessed at the bottom right of the screen. Select the ^ icon to expand it. You will see a log of what functions have run. It will show you the error you read on the Notebook, 'see the log panel for a detailed summary'. When you see this, scroll up in the log panel to see what has failed. 





If you aren't seeing many details in your log panel, you can always check the properties of the part you input into the block as well. In this example, opening up the Remesh Surface shows us that there are intersecting triangles as well:


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