Analysis is expecting a non-singular matrix


I was running an analysis and got the error:

"Analysis is expecting a non-singular matrix. There can be several causes of this. You most likely provided an analysis setup that is not properly constrained. Please try adjusting your boundary conditions such that each body is properly constrained."

Applies to:

  • Analysis
  • nTop 3.10


As mentioned in the error message, there are several reasons this can happen:

    • Mesh quality
    • Mesh Shape
    • Boundary Conditions
    • FE Connectors


    • Mesh quality
      • Open up the properties of your surface mesh and make sure it is not self-intersecting, it is manifold, and that it is oriented properly. You want to see:
        • Manifold: True
        • Oriented: True
        • Self-Intersecting: False
      • Use these articles to help create a clean mesh:
    • Mesh Shape: Always use Triangle mesh shapes when running an analysis
    • Boundary Conditions: Double check your boundary conditions and adjust them if necessary
    • FE Connectors: Ensure that your FE Connectors are properly attached

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