How to apply torsional load


How to apply torsion load?

How to use Point moment block

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  • Point Moment


1. Prepare your model for Static Analysis. These articles have detailed instructions on How to create an FE Model and How to run a static analysis.

2.  Add a Point Moment block to the Boundary Condition List


Learn how to select the Boundary input following these articles How to select boundaries of an FE Mesh - FE Boundary by Body, How to select boundaries of an FE Mesh - FE Boundary by Flood Fill, and How to use Boundary Conditions

3. The Moment is applied at the center of the selected nodes and in the direction defined in the Moment input. The moment follows the right-hand thumb rule when applied. 



And that’s it! You’ve successfully applied torsional load. 

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Download the Example file:

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  • Hello,
    I have to apply a moment of 10Nm ; i don't find the way to convert N.m in mm2.s-2.g (requested unit).
    I assume it corresponds to 1e+10 mm².s-².g.
    Is it possible to have a support ; or some links to Unit conversion calculator using mm².s-².g.
    Thank you

  • Hello Dear All,

    How Can we apply Point moment as torsional load and Force load as bending on a simple cantilever beam simultensouly? I applied these but the result only shows the effect of bending load ignoring the moment load.


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