nTopology 3.25 - What's New?

Version 3.25

nTopology 3.25  is here! This is a lighter release with some quality of life usage improvements and bug fixes users were running into. As with every release, nTopology’s dedicated support team is ready to answer your questions. Please visit support.ntopology.com to gain access to helpful tutorials and support articles.

Usage Improvements

  • We now support Section Cut for FE Region. An FE Region is commonly used to define Optimization Constraints and Design Responses for topology optimization.
  • A Wireframe option has been added to the Display tab of the Topology Optimization block. Selecting this option will display the element edges in the 3D scene when visualizing iso-contours or threshold elements. By default, the Wireframe is off.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed an issue in the Trim Cell Map block with the All touching option. In versions older than 3.25, if you selected this option, the Trim Cell Map block only used the corners of the Cell Map’s cells to determine if the cell was inside or outside the Body. This meant that if the Implicit Body passed through an edge or face of a cell, but not the corner, that the cell would be removed during trimming unnecessarily. This resulted in the wrong Cell Map output for the All touching Fill type. Now the block correctly evaluates the edges and faces of cells when determining whether to trim or keep cells.
  • We fixed an issue where nTopology files were not able to run or search for the “Mass Properties from Mesh - version 1.0.0” block in versions 3.23.3 and 3.24.3.
  • We fixed an issue where nTopology files were not able to run or search for the “ORNL Slicer 2 API Client” Beta block in versions 3.23.3 and 3.24.3.
  • We fixed an issue where nTopology could not reopen a file if it contained either a Point Variable or a Point List Variable containing a Not A Number (NaN) or Infinity (Inf) value.
  • We fixed an issue where nTopology would unexpectedly exit when you have an Import Element Pro Rule block that references a file location not available on your computer.
  • We fixed an issue where the “Number of Colors” setting was not disabled by default in the Heads-Up Display (HUD).
  • We fixed an issue that causes CAD Face and CAD Body variables indefinitely needing to be rebuilt when Autorun is toggled off.
  • We fixed an issue with nonlinear thermal analysis with quadratic pyramids, wedges, and hexahedral elements that resulted in nTopology unexpectedly exiting.
  • We fixed an issue when computing iso-contours following the Topology Optimization block. In prior releases, the outward normals were reversed in unique cases where the entire surface of the part was subjected to either a load or passive region constraint. When visualizing the topology optimization results, this defect would result in the external surface of the iso-contour to render in black instead of gray. Moreover, if the topology optimization results were used with the Implicit Body from Topology Optimization block, the resulting Implicit Body would not reflect the design produced by the Topology Optimization output. If your model includes boundary conditions similar to those stated above, you should re-evaluate the Implicit Body from Topology Optimization block.
  • We fixed an issue in the CAD Body from Quad Mesh block that was causing nTopology to unexpectedly exit when every face of the input Mesh had a self-intersection.


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