How to create a quad mesh


Export a quadrangulate mesh (a mesh made up of quadrilaterals) by remeshing a triangular mesh.  

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  • Quad Mesh


1. Surface Mesh: Create the surface mesh using the Mesh from Implicit Body block.


2. Refine Mesh: Refine your mesh using Remesh Surface, Simplify by Threshold, Simplify by Amount, or other simplification methods. This step allows for more straightforward conversion to a quad mesh. Make sure your mesh has no meshing errors in it. Take a look at these articles for tips on refining and creating a mesh: 

3. Quad Mesh: Convert the refined Mesh to a quad mesh using the Quadrangulate Mesh block. The quad mesh allows easier and faster conversion to a CAD Body format. 

  • A quad mesh is not just a step for converting but is also a very beneficial model. 
  • Cell Map on Quad Mesh is used to generate a lattice structure that is conformal to the quad mesh. 
  • Check out this article if you encounter errors when converting to a Quad Mesh.


Tip: Use a Refine Mesh block to refine the Quad Mesh, capture further details, and reduce the amount of rounding near sharp edges.


4.. Export: Add an Export Mesh block and choose your save location and file type: STL, OBJ, 3MF, or PLY. 

And that’s it! You’ve successfully exported your part as a quadrilateral mesh.

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Download the Example file:

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