What is a Precise Render?


How to get the most Precise Render?

What is a Precise Render?

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nTop enables the creation of highly complex geometry that is impossible in more conventional CAD environments. Models with sharp, thin features or intricate internal structures - easily achievable using field-driven implicit modeling - can pose visualization challenges, particularly when regions of fine detail are very small relative to the overall model size. Typical visualization problems include:

  • The appearance of holes and surface irregularities in very thin regions.
  • Intricate geometry (such as internal lattice structures) appears as “floating” artifacts disconnected from the body.
  • Aliasing artifacts like the Moire effect in some cases of small-scale repeating geometry.
PR1.png PR2.png


The above images show how geometry visualized using the Highest Resolution differs considerably from the geometric truth, the implicit equation; Precise Render mode (accessed using Ctrl + H on a selected implicit body) allows visualization of the selected part in infinite resolution, and thus provides an accurate representation of the body. Visualization artifacts do not always mean that the geometry is broken or non-manufacturable, just difficult to render - Precise Render provides a means of visually validating geometry by rendering a ground-truth image of your complex model.

The Precise Render mode can be accessed (when the Field Viewer is not active) via:

  • Select a single body, press Ctrl + H, or choose ‘Precise Render…’ from the View dropdown.

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