How to determine a Nastran classification for an nTop block


To determine a force/restraint block's Nastran classification. 

Applies to:

  • Nastran Simulations
  • nTop Simulations


1. This tutorial begins with a pre-setup Export Static Analysis block that contains one Point Force block as the boundary condition and an FE Model block of an aluminum cube. To learn how to set up a simulation, please consult this article.



2. Export the results as a Nastran file type (*.bdf, *.dat, *.nas).



3. Open the file using a text editing program. For this example, I will be using Notepad++.



4. Last, scroll down the document until you pass the CTETRA lines. CTETRA references a four-sided solid element connection, so all of these lines reference the solid object. Since the only force we applied was the Point Force block, we can see that the Nastran classification is RBE3.


And that’s it! You’ve successfully determined a block's Nastran classification.

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