How to analyze a pipe for internal pressure

This article uses Simulation/Optimization and both of them in nTop have two requirements: FE Mesh and Boundary Conditions (BCs). Follow the instructions in the links below to prepare your model for simulation.

FE Mesh

Boundary Conditions (BCs)


How can I simulate a pipe with internal pressure?

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  • Simulation


1. Setup: The initial setup shows our imported pipe as well as the CAD Faces we've defined.




2. Meshing: Next, the FE Volume Mesh and FE Model are created to apply material properties.




3. Boundary Conditions: To finish the Static Analysis setup we apply the Boundary Conditions and then run the analysis. 




4. Analysis: Using the Deformation scale slider, you can see the effects of the Pressure on the pipe.




And that’s it! You’ve successfully setup an internal pressure analysis.

Download the Example file:

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